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Africa’s trusted leaders

PRESIDENT Mugabe sent a strong message to his “enemies” in the West and America that he will not be bullied by them.

Mugabe on Saturday said he will not attend the controversial EU-Africa Summit after the hosts denied Grace Mugabe a visa to accompany him.

Just because of her: President Mugabe and his wife Grace.

Just because of her: President Mugabe and his wife Grace.

The European Union-Africa summit is a gathering of 90 countries from two continents attended by 65 heads of states and government.

On the agenda is trade and political relations but there will be some notable absentees.

The move has been condemned by many as they are citing that the Zanu-PF leader is wrong to deny the country representation at the summit over personal issues.

As much as people might fume, EU was also wrong to tell Zimbabwe who should attend. This is an internal issue which has nothing to do with them. It is well known that Zimbabwe and EU are not in good books hence the move to deny Grace a visa is a political which is meant to fix Mugabe.

Mugabe too responded in a political manner by telling them if they do not meet his demands he will then boycott the summit. For me, even if Mugabe was to attend the summit, he was still going to come back  empty handed just like what Chinamasa did when he visited Europe in the hope that he was going to get aid.

BOYCOTTING THE SUMMIT: Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma.

BOYCOTTING THE SUMMIT: Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma.

EU used its power in issues that doesn’t concern them. In their invitation, EU had to choose which African countries were to attend. What is the hell is that? What is so special about them that they have to tell Africa who should attend and not.

South Africa has also joined other African countries in boycotting EU-Africa Summit.  South Africa President, Jacob Zuma, is  reportedly to have said the EU should not decide who attends the EU-Africa Summit.
Zuma is of the view that European Union is dictating the composition of Africa’s delegation.

STOP THAT: Jacob Zuma also boycotting the summit

STOP THAT: Jacob Zuma.

Pretoria will be represented on a ministerial level.

“I think that time must pass wherein we are looked as subjects, we are told who must come, who must not come, we have not attempted to decide when we meet Europe; who must come and who must not come. It is wrong and causes this unnecessary unpleasantness. I thought the AU and EU are equal organisations representing two continents but there is not a single one of them who must decide for others,” says President Jacob Zuma

In support of Zuma’s message, it should be up to the African Union rather than the European Union to decide which African leaders are accepted or not.  EU has no right to exclude particular African leaders.

It is actually clear that this summit was just for EU blue eyes boys and girls which include Botswana and Malawi ho have been relegated to mere EU bootlickers. African countries should stop to dance according to the tune of EU.

After all, there is nothing special about the summit, as the same countries who are hosting the summit are going to plot against African countries.

After all Mugabe’s boycott is a blessing in disguise, the country needs him because the economy is not showing any signs of improvement.


The last kick of a dying horse is dangerous.

The above adage serves to show the extent which the so called leader of the big opposition party, Morgan Tsvangirai is doing.

REFUSING TO GO: Morgan Tsvangirai.

REFUSING TO GO: Morgan Tsvangirai.

I have been following the drama at Harvest house, MDC-T headquarters, unfolding where Tsvangirai was and is still the main actor. As the main actor, he has been seen by some sections of the media as the hero yet for me he is just a villain, which is worse, a poison for the country.

The movie which Tsvangirai is acting might actually signal his last days in the game of politics. For the past years, he has been a hero and a darling for many people. He has been viewed as the champion of democracy. For all his power, energy and verve people ended up calling “Save” as in Shona taking it from his totem.

This is the same man who used to drink coffee with Barrack Obama (US President) and sharing a table with Germany Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Most of the world leaders, especially from the West and America believed in him, trusted and he was the Zimbabwean new hero to an extent that he was once shortlisted for the Nobel peace prize, a prestigious prize for an individual who has done a wonderful job in his country.

Morgan Tsvangirai and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Morgan Tsvangirai and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

However, all this glorious history of Save seems to be slowly fading as many people, including his allies from the West are also fade up. He has shown his true coulors. For some of us, we knew that Save, was not a leader whom you can trust because of his chameleon tendencies.

During the last watershed elections, he had promised to step down in the event that Mugabe wins the elections. The day came and passed, all is now history as Mugabe walloped the man from Buhera who is now refusing to honor his words.

All the noise that is taking place in the MDC-T camp is because of Tsvangirai refusing to step down. He still believes that he has still something to offer for the country. Surely, Tsvangirai must have lost his mind. His days are over, what he is now doing is simple causing confusion in the party and the opposition politics as well.

His move seems to be dangerous and thus might dampen people’s spirit in as much as participation in opposition political parties. The party is still in tatters. Through his actions, he seems to be looking forward to see the party falling down to its knees and breaking all the walls he built.

Morgan Tsvangirai with Barack Obama

Morgan Tsvangirai with Barack Obama

Truly the party is in a mess. This is despite claims by Tsvangirai that the dust had settled and MDC-T was now more united than ever.

Recently,  Tsvangirai claimed at a media conference that the party’s problems were behind it.

“After a frank heart-to-heart session … I am proud to announce today that we have discussed issues and there is now unprecedented harmony and unity of purpose in the MDC cockpit.”

However, for Zim pundit, it is crystal clear that these are Tsvangira’s last days and if he is not warned, this might mark the death of MDC-T. For warned if armed!

2014: Battle lines drawn in Africa

THE political environment in a country is key to economic growth and development.

Generally, if a country must thrive, political stability is a pertinent ingredient. The situation is the same for business. Entrpreneurs who neglect politics, do this at their peril. According to an old saying, ‘Business is politics and politics is businesses. And in Africa the saying truly weighs more than gold.

African Map

African Map

Relative political stability in the past decade is one of the major factors attributed to Africa’s economic success.

This year, a few elections accordingly will have investors glued to the news, and could determine economic development in a handful of African countries.

Africa is usually regarded as a black continent and elections tend be tightly contested. Western countries have actually viewed Africa as a continent with full of troubles and whenever, she hold elections the end result is civil war.

For this year, 2014, many African countries are going for elections and many patriotic citizens are hoping that they will be held peaceful and the winner will shack hands with the winner so is the loser.

The year could be telling for the political and economic future of Africa, with the following  elections being the biggest ones to watch:


The road to a new constitution and presidential election has been anything but smooth. Persistent protesters, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood who supported former President Muhammad Morsi, are tired of the current happenings. A majority of the country likely supported the recent military leadership.

Egyptian President: Mohamed Morsie

Egyptian President: Muhammad Morsi

Recent news that a new presidential election could involve General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the army chief who led the coup, will only further boost concerns about any upcoming election.

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist Nour party both suspect the military wants to assume the role (and accompanying dictatorial control) of former President Hosni Mubarak. While farfetched, there will be supporters and detractors both wondering the same thing.


Joyce Banda may be in trouble. She is trailed be allegations of corruption. She flipped and flopped on the issue of gay rights, first embracing and then punting to a potentially inflamed popular will.

Banda took over office when Bingu wa Mutharika died unexpectedly in April 2012.

President of Malawi: Joyce Banda

President of Malawi: Joyce Banda

Mutharika won just a hair short of 66% of the vote in 2009, so there may be enough slack for Banda to eke out a win, especially if the opposition is unable to mobilize a viable challenger.

South Africa

Of the many elections this year, the most far-reaching could be in South Africa on May 7th. The African National Congress (ANC), led by Jacob Zuma, is arguably poised to win in an election that will mark 20 years of democracy for the country.

Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party could steal some ANC support. Africa’s largest economy has continued to witness repeated strikes in the mining sector, high unemployment, government corruption allegations and low economic growth.

The last three factors boost the EFF’s youth support, especially considering those born after the end of apartheid have less attachment to the ANC. Thus, Malema’s calls for nationalization attempt to capitalize on the palpable sentiments of inequality. But they do not bid well for attracting a winnable mass to defeat the ANC.

Biti and Tsvangirai in a marriage of inconvenience

THE troubled MDC-T recently claimed that the party has closed ranks, as the party in now focusing on rebuilding in preparation of the 2018 harmonised elections.

After almost a month of internal squabbles which was torched by the suspension of the party deputy treasury general, Elton Mangoma I was still waiting to see how the battle was going to end.

The party sympthisers, of which am not one of them are happy about the development which they believe is going to defeat team Zanu-PF come 2018 elections.

However, some political pundits, like me, wonder what could have changed for Biti and Tsvangirai to be singing form the hymn book. At first the reason why Biti and Tsvangirai became enemies or rivals is because of the suspension of Mangoma.

Tsvangirai should stay: MDC-T chairman, Lovemore Moyo and party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai should stay: MDC-T chairman, Lovemore Moyo and party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Biti categorically told journalists at his press conference that the suspension of Mangoma was null void. Mangoma is still suspended hence nothing has changed as far as Biti’s position regarding the suspension as a non event.

The pundit can therefore ask, after Biti joined hands or forces with Tsvangirai, is Mangoma’s suspension now a justified move?

It is understood that Biti and Mangoma including most whites want Tsvangirai to step down as the party leader. The camp is believed to be led by Biti.

The camp, which Biti is said to be leading is said to be financial powerful, as it has some faces that can get money from donors. Some of these individuals are the former Treasurer General, Roy Bennet. Bennet was the first white person in the party to call for resignation of Tsvangirai citing poor leadership qualities as the reason why the party lost dismally in the 31 July elections.

The so called unity that said to be in place in the party is a smoke screen and what Professor Welshman Ncube called a marriage of inconvenience. During the run up of the 2013 elections, Tsvangirai tried to court Prof Ncube through forming a grand coalition which Prof Ncube said was a “marriage of inconvenience.”

What Biti and Tsvangirai did is a true picture of what a “marriage of inconvenience” is like.

I guess Biti decided to close ranks so that he can defend his party position in the party congress that is going to take place in Decem

Against Tsvangirai: Roy Bennet, Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma

Against Tsvangirai: Roy Bennet, Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma

ber. It is said that Nelson Chamisa the party organising secretary is eye the post and hence Biti might be afraid that if he continues to be radical, Tsvangirai’s blue eyed boys can plot his downfall.


At the moment, there is no logic on what made Tsvangirai and Biti to close ranks . Of all the issues that Biti was clamoring about, none of them have been resolved. So it bangs the mind to ask what is that made Biti “rejoin” some of his members.

Surely, this is a mere marriage of inconvenience.

People must elect responsible MPs

THE post election period, as is the case now, calls for evaluation.

Evaluation will be for politicians and the entire electoral process to see where the country could have gone wrong n and what needs to be done to improve or keep the process.

For the past elections, I would like to look at members of parliament and how they been working since their appointment.

The parliament is largely dominated by Zanu-PF who resounding won the 31 July harmonised election. However, the new crop of parliamentarians is dominated by people who do not deserve to be in the house.

Zimbabwe MPs in parliament

Zimbabwe MPs in parliament

Members of parliament represent people and by so doing people’s issues will be solved in august house. What then become disturbing is that people who are tasked to be the constituency spokesperson end up becoming mum and fail to air a single word.

Recently, it was reported that most of MPs from Matabeleland are not participating in debates taking place in parliament. It is then shocking and worrying because people are pinning their hopes on them as they are their representatives.

One then wonders the purpose of them being our representatives when they just enjoy getting their sitting allowance of $75 and a free fuel. People should be responsible and elect MPs on merit not through political line or party basis.

I always the admire the late Edson Dvobgo for the great work he did for the of Masvingo. He did a sterling job where development was visible and now people talk about Masvingo netara meaning that there is tarred road in Masvingo a development many provinces are admiring.

Zimbabwe Provinces

Zimbabwe Provinces

Unfortunately, for Matabeleland we have people who are after ego and nothing more. Most of these elected individuals are too poor and truly as poor as a church mouse hence what should we expect from them. Expecting anything tangible from these MPs is akin to expecting a honey from a fly.

People should therefore elect capable Members of parliament. There is also a room from them to recall their representative if they fill is not doing his duties properly.

Sadly, this crop of leadership is full of people who got the political ticket to enrich themselves. The evidence is crystal clear.  It is unclear how funds under the Constituency Developmental Fund (CDF) were used and at the moment we have not seen any parliamentarian who used those funds productively. most of the MPs who regained their walked away with free of charged after abusing funds.


Sithembile Mlotshwa

Former Matobo Senator: Sithembile Mlotshwa

At one time Ms Tabitha Khumalo, MDC-T MP for Bulawayo East called for legalisation of prostitution, which is taboo in the Zimbabwean culture.  Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa (Matopo), called on scientists to develop a chemical to dull men’s libido and enable them to have sex once a month, purportedly to help curb the spread of HIV and Aids.

People should therefore elect capable MPs not mere political passengers.


The curse of Bulawayo

THE constitution stipulates that provincial and metropolitan councils will be set up, a move that was welcomed many without knowing its side effects if poor leadership is in place.

These councils are part of devolution of power that will give provinces power to administer their respective areas. With regard to that, elected members of parliament and provincial council members will have to fulfill their promises of developing the province.

Bulawayo East MP: Ms Thabitha Khumalo

Bulawayo East MP: Ms Thabitha Khumalo

Chapter 14 (268 and 269) of the constitution which deals with  provincial and metropolitan council reads “(1)there is going to be provincial council for each province, expect the metropolitan provinces, and (1) of (269) says for each of the metropolitan provinces there is a metropolitan council consisting of  (a) in the case of Bulawayo, the mayor of the City  of Bulawayo, who is also the chairperson of the Bulawayo Metropolitan Council, (c) all members of the national assembly whose constituencies fall within the metropolitan province concerned, (d) the women members of the national assembly who are elected in terms of section 124(1) (b) from the metropolitan province concerned, (e) the senators elected from the metropolitan province concerned.”

Some of the functions of the councils as highlighting under Chapter 14 (270) include “(a) planning and implementing social and economic development activities in its province monitoring (b) evaluation the use of resources in its province, and also (c) exercising any other functions, including legislative functions that may be conferred or imposed on it under the Act of Parliament.”

Bulawayo residents, like other residents in the country are facing water problems and they are after employment, as industries which used to employ many people are operating below capacity and some are closed. The metropolitan council is then expected to come up with solutions to solve these problems.

However, the million dollar question being asked by many people is that since the majority of MDC-T legislators regained their seats, what do people have to expect from them? Are they going to push our agenda, move motions that will revive industries, advocating for the central Government to release funds for city’s ailing industries or source funds on their own to revive industries.

Bulawayo central MP: Ms Dorcas Sibanda

Bulawayo Central MP: Ms Dorcas Sibanda

A lot is expecting from them. There is a great possibility that people’s expectations will not be met. What pains most is that most people who were voted into power are mere political pedestrians who are just in politics to get cars. The core issue is not that the party MDC-T dominating the province but what action is the metropolitan council taking to tackle pertinent issues, for example, water problems in the city.

Citizens are generally allowed to believe and be optimistic that there is going to be a change in the city as it is their right. But if the truth is to be told, it will hurt, and it hurt to say people should expect nothing from these MPs. The truth is that, most of them who deemed themselves senior MPs failed to develop their own constituency in the past five years. It is also a fact that most of the newly elected Mps who promised all and sundry better living conditions do not have political brains to fulfill their promises yet alone are failing to look presentable as lawmakers.

If one has to look at Ms Dorcus Sibanda who will be representing Bulawayo Central, with her short hair, little or no brains at all, will she help ailing industries in the city? In the last parliament, she barely appeared in the hansard- she never moved a tangible motion if not at all- she only appeared in the back cover where names of all parliamentarians are written.

The only event where people read about her is where she was admired by Uzumba legislator Simbaneuta Mudarikwa of Zanu-PF. Will her brains this time around be charming and admired to an extent that they will help the long and much awaited Zambezi water to run in the city taps? Expecting anything good from her is akin to expect a vegetable leaf to have same price with a tobacco leaf.

There comes the maverick, Ms Thabitha Khumalo, who campaigned for the legislation of prostitution claiming that could help the fight against Aids. She said they should not be called prostitutes, but “Pleasure engineers!” These sentiments, Ms Khumalo, uttered while industries were relocating and others closing down in the city. Since the state of industries is still the same, what will then change her mind set to worry much about pressing issues in the city? This shows that, as she will be sitting in the council, all she will be thinking of is legalising prostitution which failed to materialize.

Is the city cursed? A close analysis will also reveal that the city has the crop of parliamentarians who are financial and academically poor, just as poor as the church mouse. With that, most of them will again first, as usual concentrate on fattening their bellies.

Again most of city legislators make the bulk of legislators who simply dosed off and remained perennial passengers in the seventh parliament. This time around, the ball is in their hands and they do not have to dose off. About 700 000 people who are in the city have their lives and future in the hands of Reggie Moyo, Anele Ndebele and Bekithemba Nyathi. Yes Bekithemba the former messenger of court.

Will the former messenger of court, with his brains be able to help Nust to complete its library? Bulawayo as the second largest city, it should be exemplary and be the model to other provinces and the world at large. Therefore, policies that will be passed should be tangible so as to develop the city.  I doubt that, the former messenger of court, he is an intelligent character that will be able stimulate debate and offer creative ideas.

What boggles the mind is that people went to elect Mr Ndebele whom in one of his campaigns said industries should remain struggling until Tsvangirai become in power. Since Mr Tsvangirai dismally lost the presidential elections, will Mr Ndebele advocate for coming up with policies to help ailing industries in the city? What is crystal clear is that residents are sitting on top of a volcano which will explode soon. The city might face more problems and what be agonising is that the leadership in place will not be helpful.

Cabinet reshuffle needed

TIME is  flying away and people are still hoping to see the government fulfilling its promises it made during campaigns.

But, hopes are slowly fading.

The Cabinet announced by President Mugabe in August has left people with more questions than answers. Despite the cabinet being dominated by dead wood, many thought it (cabinet) was going to use its experience to improve the situation in the country.

Without taking sides, there are some ministers who are doing sterling a job and these include Professor Jonathan Moyo and the ever green, Engineer Walter Mzembi.  These ministers have been a good job which is  far above their fellow cabinet ministers.

However, some of the cabinet ministers are just enjoying the tax payer’s money, as they are failing to carry the mandate given to them first by citizens and lastly by President Mugabe.

During the inclusive government era, Saviour Kasukuwere was very vocal when he was then heading the ministry of indigenous. To my surprise, he has gone to the harbor and many could think he lost the primary election just like the former Copac Chairperson, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana.

He is lost: Minister Saviour Kasukuwere

He is lost: Minister Saviour Kasukuwere

His silence has exposed him and this therefore shows that his former ministry was run in the media if not by the media. It is surprising to find out that the person who once called himself Hilter has failed to convince Zimbabwean that he can deal with climate change.

During his days, the paper could not be published without anything by and from Kasukuwere, as he was hyper active. One then wonders where that energy is. Truly, Kasukuwere is to be lost and he has failed to be the Savior!

The fall of Kasukuwere from here to zero is not a surprise as it seems this is the characteristic of some members from Zanu-PF. Within the cabinet again, there is a minister whom I doubt knows what kilowatts are.

Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire too seems to be clueless on what his ministry is all about. Ever since assuming power Mavhaire has made some suicidal decisions.

While the country is still hoping that the energy crisis will be resolved, in fact Mavhaire is the one who needs energy. What I am suggesting is that he was unfit for the appointment and did not have the ability to do the job.

Should leave the post: Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Should leave the post: Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Seven months after being appointed to the ministerial position, the pint-sized politician has reversed a number of decisions and made several controversial pronouncements. Soon after his appointment, Mavhaire reversed a decision to dismantle ZESA Holdings into several units, despite the fact that President Mugabe had just signed relevant statutory instruments to give effect to the process.

There are so many mistakes which the self proclaimed King of Masvingo has done. Blaming him alone cannot be fair because it seems the dead wood which President Mugabe recycled is just enjoying its last days in power and due to their age, nature might  take its corse.

The Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa however tops the list of worst cabinet ministers at the moment.

Given this blunders and failures by Ministers to do their job, it’s high time  the Cabinet is reshuffled.  Those who have failed must be relieved of their duties and pave way for other who will be strong enough to develop the country.

Sanctions on Russian: a non event

THERE are two important things that are taking place in the world.

Firstly, the world is still pondering on what could have happened to the Malaysian air line which has been missing for almost a month.

Secondly, Russia and Ukraine are at loggerheads following, Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Russia’s move has sparked an outcry with some western countries opposing the move and  United States openly declared sanctions on Russia.

Russian President: Vladimir Putin

Russian President: Vladimir Putin

Russia showed USA that they too have some balls and they don’t listen to any treat by the so called world super power.

After Russia became stone headed, USA responded angrily by imposing sanctions on Russia. Zimbabweans are well aware of the word sanction and they have tired of reading about in the press.

Zanu-PF has made to believe that westerns countries together with USA imposed sanctions on the country and this is the reason why the country is facing economic hardships.

Coming back to Russia, the country is now under sanctions. The billion dollar question is how these sanctions are going to affect Russia. Are we going to see the same scenario Russia where their economy will be nose diving. Are there going to experience hyper inflation?

The United States have turned it to become the world bully where all things on earth move according to their plans.  There is no peace in the world all because of State and its blue eyed boys in the western world.

Starting from Africa, Zimbabwe re distributed its land and she was punished for that. Even if the process was chaotic, why Britain together with her big sister USA and some western countries imposed sanctions in Zimbabwe?

United States President: Barack Obama

United States President: Barack Obama

Recently, Uganda banned homosexuals and they were denied aid and also traded was terminated and the country could no longer access cash from the World Bank.

Of late, Gaddafi was killed by NATO forces where USA was too involved just because the African icon had refused to be their puppet. Libya was then turned to a stone aged era and Libyans are slowly realising that they made a mistake by working in cohorts with the selfish western countries.

The list is just endless, USA attacked Iraq claiming that there were weapons of mass destruction. The only weapon of mass destruction we came to see and realise that were weapons of mass destruction was oil which is still being siphoned to States.

In all these cases, Russia did not threaten western countries or USA neither did she impose sanctions on these countries. Developments in Ukraine do not affect USA and they have to let Russia and Ukraine solve their issue on their own.

USA thinks and believes that they have the mandate to dictate pace and let everyone dance according to their tune.

Enough is enough and these so called sanctions will not serve its purpose.


WHERE are we heading to? What is going on? Why should we continue to suffer? These are some of the questions people might be asking concerning the state of economy in the country.

During the inclusive government, the economy was slowly growing and the people are not wondering much as they are now. What is disturbing is that those who are in power also seem to be arrogant and clueless and I wonder where we are heading to.

Sleeping on duty: President Mugabe

Sleeping on duty: President Mugabe

The MDC can now be vindicated because it highlighted that the turnaround in the economy was due to their presence in the government.

During the inclusive government, despite having failed to score many points due to some blunders, the economy was at least showing signs of improvement.

What then boggles the mind is what is that Zanu-PF is going to do to serve the economy which is nose diving? Where are they going to get money to rebrand Zimbabwe? Perhaps we must be patient, but the truth is that people are now becoming inpatient.

The problem I think is that, we have set a bad precedence by giving lawyers room to run the economy. Who said the minister of finance should be lawyers. Why can’t give economy to economics and let them do what they know is best. The important matter now is that Mugabe must reshuffle his cabinet and give some who know how to steer the economy. There are many people who can better fill the Finance Minister’s post. Technocrats will also be useful.

Listen to Tkozani Khupe and the state of the economy in Zimbabwe

People including myself, have lost faith in the way Chinamasa is handling the economy. We do not want the I don’t care attitude because people are the one who are suffering not. He is enjoying the luxury of a Range Rover and pocketing thousand of dollar yet the majority is earning money which is below the poverty datum line.

Finance Minister:  Patrick Chinamasa

Finance Minister: Patrick Chinamasa

With the way the situation is on the ground, I now support those who said Zanu-PF on their own cannot do something meaningful.

The make matters worse, the President has remained mum and shockingly indicate that civil servants will get back dated pay in April. Zanu-PF must admit that they have to fulfill the promises they made during the 31 July election campaigns.

The current state of the economy has also exposed Zanu-PF. This has shown that the party can no longer be trusted and they should not be given another mandate to lead the country.

Gone are the days of Team Zanu-PF, Ibhola egedini, Bhora mugedi. I am one of those who are still waiting to see Ibhola egedini, it seems the party is scoring own goals.

For how long shall we continue to seethe and yearn for a better Zimbabwe? Zanu-PF should at least consider that citizens are truly suffering, already millions are outside the country trying to make a leaving. They say home is always the best but with the way things are, the opposite is true.

Nkandla report: Zuma should face the music

DURING every election around the globe, competing camps will try to taint their opponents.  South Africa is going to holds its general elections on the 7th of May and at the moment temperatures have already shown some signs of rising with the incumbent, Jacob Zuma, being in hot soup. Zuma is accused of using state resources to enrich himself in the name of developing his rural home, Nkandla.

All this for Zuma: The homestead Zuma accused of used state resources to develop.

All this for Zuma: The homestead Zuma accused of used state resources to develop.

The Nkandla report is the document outlining how Zuma and some of his blue eyed boys used state resources to developing his home. The document has  however been released at a very crucial moment where the country is heading for elections. The document was compiled by the office of the public protector Thuli Madonsela. Madonsela released the report after two years of investigation into the state upgrade of Nkandla in a report titled Secure in Comfort, raining down findings of maladministration, improper behaviour, ethical violations and procedural failings on several ministers and their departments, and on Zuma himself. According to the report, when villagers want  to access the clinic they would mean entering Zuma’s homestead, either by scaling the security fence or through a police checkpoint. The homestead has a swimming pool that has never been used by the local residents. The clinic remains without stock, although public protector’s team hopes it will serve its “purpose” in the future. What is shocking is that all the facilities that were means to benefit the community are located close to Zuma’s home and inaccessible to the locals. Is this what a President should do?

Should face the music: Jacob Zuma.

Should face the music: Jacob Zuma.

Zuma face the music- Advocate Thuli Madonsela

Zuma to face the music- Advocate Thuli Madonsela

Madonsela found that Zuma had improperly benefited from a grand, excessive, opulent and obscene government upgrade to his homestead and should repay a “reasonable percentage” of about R20-million worth of upgrades. Features, for which Zuma should bear at least part of the cost, Madonsela said, include the swimming pool (which never really was a “fire pool”) and the cattle kraal, which she said Zuma himself had had a hand in. Madonsela could find no reason why the swimming pool, the helipads, a military clinic and housing for members of the police’s VIP protection service were not located closer to the community rather than behind the security fence of the Zuma compound. She said that the government’s explanations were also inadequate. With all this, Madonsela was reported by the South African media saying:  “The excessive and improper manner in which the Nkandla project was implemented resulted in substantial value being unduly added to the president’s private property.” With all this, Zuma must face the music and if it means being charged let that be so. Former ANC youth league President, Julius Malema,   was fired from the party for what they called “bad behavior”. I also think that what Zuma did is not any were near being a called good behavior. The ANC took a momentous decision in September 2008 when it ‘recalled’ a president. Today, the ANC could do the same – or at least ensure that Zuma is not the party’s presidential ­candidate in May and spare the country impeachment proceedings. Instead of protecting him, the ANC needs to put the country and its people first. It should strengthen bodies such as the public protector, rather than undermining them, and should bolster the independence of the judiciary and criminal justice system.