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ON FIRE MDC-T deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma has been expelled from the party for gross indiscipline.

EXPELLED: Elton Mangoma

EXPELLED: Elton Mangoma

Also expelled were party youth assembly secretary general Promise Mkhwananzi, national executive council member Last Maengehama and Jacob Mafume, a lawyer to Mangoma.

The three have voiced support for Mangoma’s leadership renewal calls.

Addressing journalist is Harare, MDC-T spokesperson Mwonzora said:

“Mangoma is being expelled for continuing to disgrace while facing disciplinary measures, so the national executive and the national council voted for this decision,” Mwonzora said.

“He is not fired for the first case, but for continuing on transgression. I call it foolish bravely. I think he was wrongly advised legally and that could be his case.”

The move has however been condemned by many because its a clear sign that democracy is not a key principle in the MDC-T camp. The party seems to be fooling people that it is democratic yet in actual fact it does not know the meaning of democracy.

Morgan Tsvangirai and the expelled party members

Morgan Tsvangirai and the expelled party members

Mangoma and some of the people that were expelled are accused of calling for leadership renewal. Is it a curse, sin or wrong to call for leadership renewal? Something funny is that the people who were expelled called for early congress and the party has mooted that the party might opt for early congress as suggested by visionary and well focused expelled members.

Before his expulsion, Mangoma was heavily beaten for calling for leadership renewal a move where everyone is pointing fingers at Tsvangirai. It is not a surprise that Mangoma expulsion is not by a surprise but a move that everyone was waiting to witness.

Those who are pursing democratic routes will eventually tell that the route MDC-T is taking is far from democratic and is not even closer to democracy. The party has shown beyond reasonable doubt that it is not democratic.

The so called big tent seems to be full of fools and people who are pursuing their egos rather than pushing for true values of democracy. It is an open secret that Mangoma was well spotted, leadership renewal is needed and Tsvangirai is fast loosing popularity.

Mangoma was just expelled because of penning a serious letter to Tsvangirai loaded with powerful information and questions which Tsvangirai failed to answer. Here are some of the questions that Tsvangirai failed to answer.

1. How will you be able to undertake the reform agenda that we failed to do when we were in government and you had Executive power?

2. How will you answer the questions that we failed to care enough for our people and that we used our time in government for personal aggrandizement, personal wealth accumulation as symbolized by the current impasse on Highlands residents?

3. How will you put closure to the issue of women in your life and ensure that these will not continue to erode your and the party’s brand?

4. How will we put closure to the question of misuse of funds, and ensure that our friends regain confidence that donations will be channeled to the people’s project going forward?

5. How will we make sure that trust, team spirit and mutual confidence, currently eroded through the misconduct of the primary elections, violence visited on staff and myself, lack of constitutionalism and failure to follow procedure on appointment of officers to the National Executive and key public offices including diplomatic posts is restored.