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Devolution a thorn in the flesh for Zanu-PF

DEVOLUTION of power remains a burning issue in the country with people from Matabeleland mostly calling for it. The region believes it has been neglected by the central government hence they are pushing for devolution of power so that they have a government which will be representing them.

The constitution which was voted by millions of Zimbabweans in March last year ushered in the establishment of devolution power. In some African countries, devolution of power is also enshrined their constitutions and it has benefited them. South Africa is an example of country was devolution exists.

Premiers or governors of their established provinces rule the province and he/she address issues affecting people of that province. The central government can only assist when it’s needed. This can be one of the reasons why their economy is striving. Through devolution, people will be empowered.

There has been a lot of criticism in the way the ruling party is empowering  people, some people are saying Zanu-PF is empowering its people instead of the generality of Zimbabweans. Dumiso Dabengwa has called on the government to opt for devolution where the people will be empowered and they benefit from their local resources. he said indigenisation is not the solution.