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CALLS for opposition parties to join forces are increasing on daily basis. What is clear is that all these parties are pushing towards removing Mugabe and his Zanu-PF in power but they are all shooting from opposite sides.

The leading opposition parties, MDC and MDC-T which are led by Professor Welshman Ncube and Morgan Tsvangirai have a long history which I think will make it impossible for parties to unite. The united MDC which was formed in 1999 was very vibrant and its members were geared to topple Mugabe as a united front.

Welshman Ncube

Welshman Ncube

However, a dark cloud hung over the party which led to its split in 2005. Reasons for the split are many and chief among them are tribalism and Tsvangirai’s dictatorship tendencies. Prof Welshman Ncube has long said that Tsvangirai does not have leadership qualities and some of the Tsvangiari’s blue eyes boys are still playing tribal cards as they don’t want to form a coalition with MDC.

October 25 2005

The MDC split on October 25, 2005, after a national council meeting at which party leader Tsvangirai was accused of dictatorially vetoing a vote to field candidates in Senate elections due later that year.

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

But the report compiled by a three-man commission comprising Dr Tichaona Mudzingwa, Moses Mzila Ndlovu and Giles Mutsekwa into violence that erupted at the party’s Harvest House headquarters in May of that year suggests the party was still heading towards a split anyway – plagued by tribal mistrust and competing political ambitions.

In a key conclusion, the commission said it had “established beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a strong anti-Ndebele sentiment that has been generated, fanned, orchestrated and marketed to innocent party members by a senior party leader under the guise of sheer hatred for the secretary general at a personal level.”

With tribalism being one of the major causes of the split, the vibrant opposition which every person dreams of will remain a pie in the sky. The opposition which will take the government to task, as what used to happen in the early 2000 will also remain a pipe dream. The handwork of founding members who include Gibson Sibanda will go down the drain, as their efforts have been wasted.

“I am sorry Gibson”

“The political developments in this country will never be the same again after the formation of the MDC but the saddest thing in my life is the split of the MDC. It represents the saddest part of my relationship with Sibanda.

The late Gibson Sibanda

The late Gibson Sibanda

“What we said after the split, I regret it. I am sorry Gibson for what we said at that moment, it was a moment of weakness and it was not worth it,” Tsvangirai said during the funeral of Gibson Sibanda.

This apology was very strong but the apology must go further and fulfill his wishes by closing ranks and forming a united front which make the political discourse interesting and more interesting. Opposition parties must close ranks. United you stand, divided you fall.


ON FIRE MDC-T deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma has been expelled from the party for gross indiscipline.

EXPELLED: Elton Mangoma

EXPELLED: Elton Mangoma

Also expelled were party youth assembly secretary general Promise Mkhwananzi, national executive council member Last Maengehama and Jacob Mafume, a lawyer to Mangoma.

The three have voiced support for Mangoma’s leadership renewal calls.

Addressing journalist is Harare, MDC-T spokesperson Mwonzora said:

“Mangoma is being expelled for continuing to disgrace while facing disciplinary measures, so the national executive and the national council voted for this decision,” Mwonzora said.

“He is not fired for the first case, but for continuing on transgression. I call it foolish bravely. I think he was wrongly advised legally and that could be his case.”

The move has however been condemned by many because its a clear sign that democracy is not a key principle in the MDC-T camp. The party seems to be fooling people that it is democratic yet in actual fact it does not know the meaning of democracy.

Morgan Tsvangirai and the expelled party members

Morgan Tsvangirai and the expelled party members

Mangoma and some of the people that were expelled are accused of calling for leadership renewal. Is it a curse, sin or wrong to call for leadership renewal? Something funny is that the people who were expelled called for early congress and the party has mooted that the party might opt for early congress as suggested by visionary and well focused expelled members.

Before his expulsion, Mangoma was heavily beaten for calling for leadership renewal a move where everyone is pointing fingers at Tsvangirai. It is not a surprise that Mangoma expulsion is not by a surprise but a move that everyone was waiting to witness.

Those who are pursing democratic routes will eventually tell that the route MDC-T is taking is far from democratic and is not even closer to democracy. The party has shown beyond reasonable doubt that it is not democratic.

The so called big tent seems to be full of fools and people who are pursuing their egos rather than pushing for true values of democracy. It is an open secret that Mangoma was well spotted, leadership renewal is needed and Tsvangirai is fast loosing popularity.

Mangoma was just expelled because of penning a serious letter to Tsvangirai loaded with powerful information and questions which Tsvangirai failed to answer. Here are some of the questions that Tsvangirai failed to answer.

1. How will you be able to undertake the reform agenda that we failed to do when we were in government and you had Executive power?

2. How will you answer the questions that we failed to care enough for our people and that we used our time in government for personal aggrandizement, personal wealth accumulation as symbolized by the current impasse on Highlands residents?

3. How will you put closure to the issue of women in your life and ensure that these will not continue to erode your and the party’s brand?

4. How will we put closure to the question of misuse of funds, and ensure that our friends regain confidence that donations will be channeled to the people’s project going forward?

5. How will we make sure that trust, team spirit and mutual confidence, currently eroded through the misconduct of the primary elections, violence visited on staff and myself, lack of constitutionalism and failure to follow procedure on appointment of officers to the National Executive and key public offices including diplomatic posts is restored.

Opposition fumes over the state of the economy


THE state of the economy in Zimbabwe has left everyone with more questions than answers. The opposition keeps on fuming and urge the government to address the issue as soon as possible.



The last kick of a dying horse is dangerous.

The above adage serves to show the extent which the so called leader of the big opposition party, Morgan Tsvangirai is doing.

REFUSING TO GO: Morgan Tsvangirai.

REFUSING TO GO: Morgan Tsvangirai.

I have been following the drama at Harvest house, MDC-T headquarters, unfolding where Tsvangirai was and is still the main actor. As the main actor, he has been seen by some sections of the media as the hero yet for me he is just a villain, which is worse, a poison for the country.

The movie which Tsvangirai is acting might actually signal his last days in the game of politics. For the past years, he has been a hero and a darling for many people. He has been viewed as the champion of democracy. For all his power, energy and verve people ended up calling “Save” as in Shona taking it from his totem.

This is the same man who used to drink coffee with Barrack Obama (US President) and sharing a table with Germany Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Most of the world leaders, especially from the West and America believed in him, trusted and he was the Zimbabwean new hero to an extent that he was once shortlisted for the Nobel peace prize, a prestigious prize for an individual who has done a wonderful job in his country.

Morgan Tsvangirai and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Morgan Tsvangirai and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

However, all this glorious history of Save seems to be slowly fading as many people, including his allies from the West are also fade up. He has shown his true coulors. For some of us, we knew that Save, was not a leader whom you can trust because of his chameleon tendencies.

During the last watershed elections, he had promised to step down in the event that Mugabe wins the elections. The day came and passed, all is now history as Mugabe walloped the man from Buhera who is now refusing to honor his words.

All the noise that is taking place in the MDC-T camp is because of Tsvangirai refusing to step down. He still believes that he has still something to offer for the country. Surely, Tsvangirai must have lost his mind. His days are over, what he is now doing is simple causing confusion in the party and the opposition politics as well.

His move seems to be dangerous and thus might dampen people’s spirit in as much as participation in opposition political parties. The party is still in tatters. Through his actions, he seems to be looking forward to see the party falling down to its knees and breaking all the walls he built.

Morgan Tsvangirai with Barack Obama

Morgan Tsvangirai with Barack Obama

Truly the party is in a mess. This is despite claims by Tsvangirai that the dust had settled and MDC-T was now more united than ever.

Recently,  Tsvangirai claimed at a media conference that the party’s problems were behind it.

“After a frank heart-to-heart session … I am proud to announce today that we have discussed issues and there is now unprecedented harmony and unity of purpose in the MDC cockpit.”

However, for Zim pundit, it is crystal clear that these are Tsvangira’s last days and if he is not warned, this might mark the death of MDC-T. For warned if armed!

People must elect responsible MPs

THE post election period, as is the case now, calls for evaluation.

Evaluation will be for politicians and the entire electoral process to see where the country could have gone wrong n and what needs to be done to improve or keep the process.

For the past elections, I would like to look at members of parliament and how they been working since their appointment.

The parliament is largely dominated by Zanu-PF who resounding won the 31 July harmonised election. However, the new crop of parliamentarians is dominated by people who do not deserve to be in the house.

Zimbabwe MPs in parliament

Zimbabwe MPs in parliament

Members of parliament represent people and by so doing people’s issues will be solved in august house. What then become disturbing is that people who are tasked to be the constituency spokesperson end up becoming mum and fail to air a single word.

Recently, it was reported that most of MPs from Matabeleland are not participating in debates taking place in parliament. It is then shocking and worrying because people are pinning their hopes on them as they are their representatives.

One then wonders the purpose of them being our representatives when they just enjoy getting their sitting allowance of $75 and a free fuel. People should be responsible and elect MPs on merit not through political line or party basis.

I always the admire the late Edson Dvobgo for the great work he did for the of Masvingo. He did a sterling job where development was visible and now people talk about Masvingo netara meaning that there is tarred road in Masvingo a development many provinces are admiring.

Zimbabwe Provinces

Zimbabwe Provinces

Unfortunately, for Matabeleland we have people who are after ego and nothing more. Most of these elected individuals are too poor and truly as poor as a church mouse hence what should we expect from them. Expecting anything tangible from these MPs is akin to expecting a honey from a fly.

People should therefore elect capable Members of parliament. There is also a room from them to recall their representative if they fill is not doing his duties properly.

Sadly, this crop of leadership is full of people who got the political ticket to enrich themselves. The evidence is crystal clear.  It is unclear how funds under the Constituency Developmental Fund (CDF) were used and at the moment we have not seen any parliamentarian who used those funds productively. most of the MPs who regained their walked away with free of charged after abusing funds.


Sithembile Mlotshwa

Former Matobo Senator: Sithembile Mlotshwa

At one time Ms Tabitha Khumalo, MDC-T MP for Bulawayo East called for legalisation of prostitution, which is taboo in the Zimbabwean culture.  Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa (Matopo), called on scientists to develop a chemical to dull men’s libido and enable them to have sex once a month, purportedly to help curb the spread of HIV and Aids.

People should therefore elect capable MPs not mere political passengers.


Cabinet reshuffle needed

TIME is  flying away and people are still hoping to see the government fulfilling its promises it made during campaigns.

But, hopes are slowly fading.

The Cabinet announced by President Mugabe in August has left people with more questions than answers. Despite the cabinet being dominated by dead wood, many thought it (cabinet) was going to use its experience to improve the situation in the country.

Without taking sides, there are some ministers who are doing sterling a job and these include Professor Jonathan Moyo and the ever green, Engineer Walter Mzembi.  These ministers have been a good job which is  far above their fellow cabinet ministers.

However, some of the cabinet ministers are just enjoying the tax payer’s money, as they are failing to carry the mandate given to them first by citizens and lastly by President Mugabe.

During the inclusive government era, Saviour Kasukuwere was very vocal when he was then heading the ministry of indigenous. To my surprise, he has gone to the harbor and many could think he lost the primary election just like the former Copac Chairperson, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana.

He is lost: Minister Saviour Kasukuwere

He is lost: Minister Saviour Kasukuwere

His silence has exposed him and this therefore shows that his former ministry was run in the media if not by the media. It is surprising to find out that the person who once called himself Hilter has failed to convince Zimbabwean that he can deal with climate change.

During his days, the paper could not be published without anything by and from Kasukuwere, as he was hyper active. One then wonders where that energy is. Truly, Kasukuwere is to be lost and he has failed to be the Savior!

The fall of Kasukuwere from here to zero is not a surprise as it seems this is the characteristic of some members from Zanu-PF. Within the cabinet again, there is a minister whom I doubt knows what kilowatts are.

Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire too seems to be clueless on what his ministry is all about. Ever since assuming power Mavhaire has made some suicidal decisions.

While the country is still hoping that the energy crisis will be resolved, in fact Mavhaire is the one who needs energy. What I am suggesting is that he was unfit for the appointment and did not have the ability to do the job.

Should leave the post: Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Should leave the post: Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Seven months after being appointed to the ministerial position, the pint-sized politician has reversed a number of decisions and made several controversial pronouncements. Soon after his appointment, Mavhaire reversed a decision to dismantle ZESA Holdings into several units, despite the fact that President Mugabe had just signed relevant statutory instruments to give effect to the process.

There are so many mistakes which the self proclaimed King of Masvingo has done. Blaming him alone cannot be fair because it seems the dead wood which President Mugabe recycled is just enjoying its last days in power and due to their age, nature might  take its corse.

The Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa however tops the list of worst cabinet ministers at the moment.

Given this blunders and failures by Ministers to do their job, it’s high time  the Cabinet is reshuffled.  Those who have failed must be relieved of their duties and pave way for other who will be strong enough to develop the country.

The sinking economy

EIGHT months after the watershed elections in July, the economy has not shown any signs of recovery.

After President Mugabe romped to victory with more than 60 percent of the votes, citizens were left speechless, as they wondered what his party, Zanu-PF were going to do, given the fact the for the past years, his party in the best used to pass policies which were not investor friendly.

 President Robert Mugabe (R) is sworn in by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku during his inauguration at the National Sports  Stadium in August last year.

President Robert Mugabe (R) is sworn in by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku during his inauguration at the National Sports
Stadium in August last year.

Opposition parties still hold the view that Mugabe rigged an election, a chorus which these opposition parties have been singing for the past years. However, I cannot dispute their view as they might have the evidence to buttress their stand point.

Some citizens were hoping for change and they believed jobs, development and many other things were going to be improved by the new cabinet. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for some, Mugabe won resoundingly leaving Tsvangirai astounded and his heart bleeding.

Soon after elections, the opposition parties vowed that Mugabe was not going to improve the economy, instead people are going to suffer. They believed that, Zanu-PF is clueless on how they can develop the economy.

As much as the opposition and many people who share the view with them that the Zanu-PF government is going to fail to steer up the economy were called labelled “losers” and “jealousy”, I believe they have a point.

Their argument is valid, the economy is not showing any signs of recovery. As the sun rises, people are just hoping for a change. We are now a country living on hope and if God was a human being like us, he should have been tired of listening to our daily problems.

Fomer Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Thokozani Khupe.

Former Deputy Prime Minister: Ms Thokozani Khupe.

I remember one when I interviewed the former Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Thokozani Khupe, soon after elections she bitterly said “Zanu-PF can rig and election but they will not rig the economy.”

At first I thought she said so,as she was still bitter because her party an election and all she had to do was to defend her party by claiming that elections were rigged.

Without talking about rigging of elections which I do not even care talking about because it’s now water under the bridge. Concerning the economy, Ms Khupe pressed the correct button. The government is failing to put its house in order. The budget was a mere formality and instead of dealing with pressing issues, Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa, presented policies.

during the 31 July campaigns, the party promised people that when voted into power, it is going to lead people to Canaan. Many believed them,  perhaps that is the reason why they won because their promises looked and sounded real. The real has now proved to be more like a fallacy.

The government has however tried to provide people with all sorts of diversion so that the state of the economy can not be seen as an important issue affecting people at the moment. Recently the salary gate took all our energy and anger yet real issue, Yes the real issue not a myth! The economy is not promising any chance of improving.

Zanu-PF should therefore begin fulfilling their promise. For how long shall we cry for employment? for how long shall we cry for better salaries?

Zimbabwe’s new dictactor

AFTER the media directed our attention to the salary scandals that rocked the country for the past month(s), one was asking what will be the next spectacle. Or what will be the next diversion tactics?

It was not so long when the family housed at 44 Harvest House Nelson Mandela Avenue & Angwa Street in Harare grabbed our attention. That is the home, headquarters, of the biggest opposition political party in the country, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) led by the former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai “soiled” itself by sacrificing its troubles to the thirst, hungry news vampire- the media.

No more friendship. MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai (right) party Secretary General, Tendai Biti

No more friendship. MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai (right), party Secretary General, Tendai Biti

The party claims to be democratic but recent developments in the party showed that indeed the meaning of the word democracy is open for many interpretations -polysemic. But I guess it is only Tsvangirai and his blue eyes boys who do not understand the meaning of the word democracy.

It boggles the mind to find out that some within the institution which claims to be democratic is suspended for airing his views. Why is Elton Mangoma suspended? Didn’t Bennet pass the same message, what about Eddie Cross, why they didn’t suspend Kay?

BEATEN. Elton Mangoma, MDC-T deputy treasury general.

BEATEN. Elton Mangoma, MDC-T deputy treasury general.

Besides that, what is it that Tsvangirai wants to do for the following two years when he is already tearing the party apart? Truly, Mangoma was well spotted after such a defeat, the party had to start afresh with new ideas and work in harmony, waiting for 2016 is very suicidal because what will they achieve within two years to run up of the elections in 2018 to regaining their lost popularity.

It is crystal clear that Tsvangirai wants to stand again as the MDC-T candidate in 2018 where when things move the way they are at the moment he is going face more embarrassment, as the 2013 elections were just a “teaser.”What guts do Tsvangirai have to call Mugabe a dictator and power hungry when he too cannot listen to voices of those opposing him?

Thank God Tsvangirai lost the 2013 presidential election, whether they were rigged or it was a free and fair, this man was going to be a disaster. Certainly, he was going stay in power and we were going to have another long serving president, perhaps he was going to amend the constitution for a one party state.

Professor Welshman  Ncube has been telling people that Tsvangirai is violent but some thought it was a political talk but with the recent skirmishes, Prof Ncube is vindicated.

Surely, the MDC-T must decisively deal with violence if they want to be voted into power. A normal person not can vote for someone who is violent into power because that person might use the armed forced to gun him down. Opposition parties must challenge the sitting Government, but how are they going to challenge them when their housed is on fire.

Tsvangirai must humble himself and pass the button and serve his legacy while it still exists otherwise he will too be one of the worst dictators in the World.

Zimbabwe parliament

THEY have to drive from as for as Beitbridge, Chiredzi and Binga to Harare to stand for about three hours. For some they drive for nearly 443, 581 or 713 kilometers and instead of being the active players, defenders or attackers, they are relegated to mere spectators.

Such is the scenario in the country’s parliament.

Zimbabwe MPs in parliament

Zimbabwe MPs in parliament

The Parliament, the third arm of the Government, is deemed to be a very important organ. It makes most if not all the decision concerning the country.

The country’s constitution approved at a referendum in March increased the number of MPs by introducing a quota for women through proportional representation.  This move was applauded by gender activists as a huge step in the empowerment of women but it is beginning to show some detrimental effects.

Due to an increase of lawmakers from 210 to 270, it has resulted in scores of MPs following proceedings from the public gallery, outside or standing due to limited seating space in the chamber.

However, the parliament was designed to accommodate no more than 170 lawmakers. This has resulted in a lot of pressure and headaches to say the least to parliament to accommodate the extra 100.  The problem has been witnessed in the Lower house of assembly as the Upper house, the Senate, has 100 members but they are not affected by the lack of space as their chamber can accommodate more people.

In a situation where lawmakers have to follow proceedings from the public gallery, it then reduces them to mere spectators or followers yet they are supposed to be participants. In light of this, some lawmakers then attend parliamentary proceedings so that they can get their sitting allowances hence they turn parliament into a cash cow.

Furthermore, analysts say, the status and the dignity which is given to the Parliament is taken away when scores of lawmakers will be standing while debates are taking place.

“Given the dignity of that August house, the seriousness of the business in the house is taken away,” said Dr Lawton Hikwa, a political analyst.

He added: “They must consider making a shift to a conference place as long as it will be conducive, fit the parliamentarians and allow the carrying the parliament business with dignity.

“The Government has since independence indicated that they were going to build a new parliament which was to accommodate more parliamentarians. The project failed to materialise because of lack of funds.”

Analysts say parliamentarians are not restricted to discuss their business at the parliament building only. According to an elementary dictionary, a Parliament is as an assembly that is the highest legislative body of a country yet Parliament house or building is the meeting facility of the Parliament. This shows that a parliament is not defined or explained in relation to the building or where they meet.

Through these definitions, Bulawayo’s large city hall can be temporally a Parliament building or house so it is with a hall in Gweru or Chitungwiza. What matters is not where they will meet but what they will produce in a manner that brings or gives the Parliament dignity. In this case, analysts believe, the parliament is losing its dignity.

Chiefs, even headmen can discuss various issues under a tree in a situation where the meeting place, in many cases, a hall might not be appropriate. With that case, the parliament must indeed relocate and look for a better place than turning a parliament into a laughing stock.

For the past years, parliamentarians have been going to the resort town of Victoria Falls for a pre budget seminar. Therefore, there is no need for parliamentarians to meet at parliament building, which is not accommodating them all, as analyst believe, denigrates the status they have.

Professor Bhekimpilo Sibanda, a journalism lecturer at Nust too agreed that the business in the house in no longer being carried out effectively due to space constraint.

Prof Sibanda was however quick to point out that increasing the number of parliamentarians was not needed, as it is now costing the country thousands of dollars.

“Everybody knows that what is happening in parliament is bad. The fundamental problem is that we do not need those MPs,” he said, “the Zanu-PF Government should now ensure that the proportional representation is of quality not quantity. The number of our parliamentarians is too much as compared to the population of the country.

“When compared to other countries in the region you will realise that we may need about 100 parliamentarians. The issue is that parliament has been turned into a cash cow. If that is not the case, how can lawmakers be sitting at the public gallery when they are supposed take part in the debate,” he said.

The country’s population stands at 13million and its legislature appears to be bigger than usual.  For instance, South Africa’s population is said to be 52 million and has 400 legislators, Angola at 18 million people has 220 MPs, Mozambique at 24 million has 250 seats and Ghana at 25 million people has 275 legislators.

Sarcastically, he said, they should create a roster just like what most urban schools are doing.

“They must create a roster where some come in the afternoon or different days because they are too many. Some of them are now taking advantage of that by rushing to occupy the public gallery, as they have nothing to contribute.