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Tsvangirai…a hopeless leader!

MORGAN Tsvangirai is perhaps the best and well known opposition leader in the country.  It is because of his bravado that saw the country’s opposition MDC gaining majority support and winning the majority of seats in parliament for the first time since independence.

Morgan Tsvangirai with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

Morgan Tsvangirai with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel


The country is now facing a bleak future with no prospects of Zanu-PF turning around the economy. Tsvangirai has said he is the answer to the country’s economic woes. However, I am one of those who feel that the man from Buhera, Tsvangirai is not longer a solution. He is the same man who blundered while visiting German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

As the Prime Minister of the country, his blunders surprised all and sundry and his reputation was ruined. If he failed to do basic things, standing behind his country’s flag, can he then be able to deal with the big task of reviving the economy?



The video is a clear description of Morgan Tsvangirai, he is a leader who will always be told what to do, he is a person who can not make a decision on his won. Therefore, how can he be able to serve  Zimbabwe’s economy which is nose diving. I guess there are better people who can serve the economy not him.

ZANU-PF: its dog eat dog

Infighting with in Zanu-PF seems to be far from over as members are trading insults.

Deputy Foreign Affairs minister Christopher Mutsvangwa recently accused his boss Simbarashe Mumbengegwi of blundering by applying for a visa for First Lady Grace Mugabe to Belgium, which was rejected.

Just because of her: President Mugabe and his wife Grace.

Just because of her: President Mugabe and his wife Grace.

The First Lady, banned from travelling to Europe, wanted to accompany President Robert Mugabe to the European Union (EU)-Africa summit in Brussels, Belgium early this month.

Mugabe boycotted the summit after his wife was denied a visa with EU saying spouses of heads of State had no business at the conference.

Grace visa should never had been sought…..Minister Mutsvangwa

Christopher Mutsvangwa

Christopher Mutsvangwa

Speaking on the ZiFM programme The Platform hosted by Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa on Monday evening. Mutsvangwa said Zimbabwe fell into a trap by boycotting the EU-Africa summit because Mumbengegwi was pursuing misguided foreign policy.

Dr-Simba-Makoni, Dr Dumiso-Dabengwa, Stanley-Kwenda(Chairing)-and-Advocate-Eric-Matinenga; standing-Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa(ZANU PF) FILE COPYThe former ambassador to China said he was not party to the decision to boycott the EU-Africa summit adding that Mumbengegwi ‘went and convinced initially the (Zanu PF) politburo and later Cabinet: that is what I am hearing’.

He said it was undiplomatic and unprofessional to apply for a visa for the First Lady when there were indications or a possibility that she would not be granted.

‘Maybe we were trying to test the waters, but why do we want to test the waters by having an embarrassment on our president?’ he queried. Mutsvangwa said it was important for Zimbabwe to attend the summit. its absolutely important: we should never let down our African brothers on this issue, he said. We do not need to put Africa in an invidious position: they have been consistently with Zimbabwe on this issue.’

He said it was wrong to assume that Mugabe and his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma were not attending the summit for similar reasons as the neighbouring country had special relations with EU.
This issue is different. I think our Foreign ministry, to be very candid, is really unnecessarily pitching the level of African support too high.’ he said.

‘Zuma is busy campaigning, but in any event, the relationship between the EU and South Africa is very different from that one between EU and the rest of Africa Mutsvangwa said he had taken issue with State media stories suggesting that Zuma had taken cue from Zimbabwe by also boycotting the summit.

We should be modest. South Africa has 50 million people: it is a big neighbour and has a big economy,’ he said.

‘South Africa has stood with us; let’s not try to pose as if we are super champions of this region; that is not right for Zimbabwe: we must always work in tandem with our neighbours. respect their sensitivities; never try to claim leadership.”

Mutsvangwa went on to reveal that there were fissures in the Foreign Affairs ministry.

Simbabarashe Mumbengegwi

Simbabarashe Mumbengegwi

‘There are two people there: the minister and the permanent secretary (Joey Bimha); its a fiefdom They run it the way they want,’ he said.

He warned that Zimbabweans should not have an all or nothing approach to diplomacy.

We simply have a misguided foreign policy. The major practitioner of that foreign policy is missing the woods from the trees; that’s my boss,’ Mutsvangwa said.

I do not agree with him and I stand for what will be in the interest of Zimbabwe? – SouthernEye

Bulawayo residents in catch 22

Employment creation has  been a major problem that the government has failed to resolve. for Bulawayo, the situation is deemed as the city used to be the industrial hub but now it has to been relegated to a scrap yard, as the president once said.

In an interview with residents, they said they lost hope soon after the 2013 controversial July elections. Residents said they had hope but all their hope was washed away soon after hearing that Zan-PF has regained power.

Prof Moyo respond to Mliswa

The following is an unedited statement issued by Jonathan Moyo last night in reaction to allegations made against him by Temba Mliswa.

“The allegations you are putting to me sound like they are coming from quarters that have been caught with their fingers in the till and they imagine that they can fool the public in the hope of covering up their corruption by seeking shelter under the laager of factionalism.

It is important to understand that just because some individuals in Zanu PF bask in the folly of factionalism by declaring that they belong to a faction as has been done by our party’s chairman for Mashonaland West province, does not mean that those whom these individuals see as not belonging to their faction or whom they don’t want to belong to their faction actually belong to another rival faction. No.

Prof Jonathan Moyo

Prof Jonathan Moyo

There’s no logic in that primitive presumption.

Factionalists have no business using their factionalism to define Zanu PF members or leaders.

For the record, lest there’s a serious person out there who does not know, I am a member of Zanu PF and a cadre of the party and not of any faction.

More specifically, I am a full member of the Zanu PF politburo in my own right and not as anybody’s factional extension nor as an expression of anybody’s factional ambitions.

I am fully aware that I am part of Zanu PF’s national leadership with a mandate to serve all members of the party under President Mugabe.

There’s no member of Zanu PF whose card has a factional identity.

My role as part of the national leadership of Zanu PF is to serve the whole party by advancing its policies and interests led by President Mugabe and not advancing the interests of a section of the party or advancing the schemes or ambitions of individual party leaders.

I therefore do not belong to any individual leading any faction in the party.

The notion of belonging to a faction is repugnant that it flies against the face of having gone to school where the purpose was to be grounded in rationality over emotion.

I am in Cabinet appointed by President Mugabe and therefore part of the leadership in government as minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services with a policy and constitutional responsibility to serve all the media and the entire information sector and broadcasting services.

My remit is to serve all not some of the media and I am determined and committed to discharging my responsibility without fear or favour in light of the constitutional oath I took upon assumption of my duties.

In this connection, and under President Mugabe’s direction, I have been working very hard with my colleagues in the ministry to depolarise the media and to depoliticise and depersonalise public discourse to promote the development of a professional and ethical mainstream media that is conscious of Zimbabwe’s national, security and economic interests as are defined in our new Constitution which also enshrines the freedom of the media.

Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

While a lot more still needs to be done in this regard, I am sure media practitioners would agree that important steps have been taken in what is indeed going to be a long journey with bumps along the way.

We now have laid a foundation for a mainstream media which is not divided along the simplistic and divisive factional lines or binaries of public versus private media or state versus independent media.

Only someone whose hands have been stuck in the till would be unaware of these very public truths.

When all has been said and done, the bottomline is that Zimbabweans don’t care about factions, what they want to see addressed as a matter of urgency is corruption, corruption, corruption.

As minister responsible for the media, I am happy that the entire media in Zimbabwe has without exception prioritised the fight against corruption.

All thinking people should be commending the media and not condemning it for doing a great job.

In doing this job, the media has not been divided by any political or professional barrier.

While people can say what they want and daydream as much as they want, the idea that anyone can seek to pocket US$165 million only and only for introducing any investor to high ranking figures in our society is simply corrupt and totally unacceptable.

Nobody should get away with such criminality simply on silly grounds that they belong or do not belong to this or that useless Zanu PF faction.

Money should be made from real work and not from hoping in and out of helicopters expecting to pocket US$165 million under the cover or presumed protection of a political faction.

That is not business by any stretch of the imagination, it is pure racketeering and racketeering is corruption which should be punishable at law without fear or favour”.

Temba Mliswa address to the media

Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial chair and Hurungwe West MP Temba Mliswa on Tuesday addressed a press conference in Harare at which he responded to state media reports on his dispute with businessman Conrad “Billy” Rautenbach. Below is Part 1 of the address. How can a shareholder constitute to a scandal, it’s the first I have heard that. That a proper business transaction constitutes a scandal. Yes I was involved in business before as a member of parliament and it was out of my business aspirations that I did enter into arrangements with Billy.

Temba Mliswa: addressing journalists in Harare

Temba Mliswa: addressing journalists in Harare
















Let me make it known that I am not a businessman who believes in black and white, I am a businessman who believes in a handshake. For me the handshake is key because the key to that handshake is that God is the witness in that hand shake. I am a believer in God.

So I have always said what we agree and what a man says we must honor, whether you did sign the paper or not, if it’s not an honorable man, it will still not fly. So it’s quite important you also understand how I go about my business dealings. But it seems as if The Herald did shift the attention and probably talking about Billy probably is a shift to try and make me to be quiet on some of the issues that happened in Parliament.

I am very determined as a Member of Parliament in my role on oversight to show that the country’s resources at the end of the day whoever is involved has got to account to the country’s resources because the Zim Asset agenda which the Herald has spoken about cannot happen without us dealing with the issue of corruption at the end of the day.

Billy Rautenbach was given a mining concession, 30 percent of Anglo American in Unki. It was under the name Toddal. He was to mine it. He never mined it, he speculated on it. That is also the question I will bring before the Minister of Mines, in terms of what Government policy is there on people who speculate on concessions.


Billy Rautenbach

So the mining was never remitted in the country, I don’t know what happened to the money. So the Herald can probably assist in also asking Billy Rautenbach that the Toddal concession given to him for free by the Zimbabwe Government, what happened to it?

As far as I know it’sunder another company. He is no longer a shareholder, it’s under a foreign company. That is tantamount to being fraud and I am hoping that the law enforcing agents will also move totry and insure we deal with corruption.

The reason why I zero in on this is because Zim Asset cannot happen if our resources are not accounted for at the end of the day.

Who is Billy Rauntenbach?

It seems we have all forgotten who Billy Rautenbach is. He fled South Africa, then got investigated for serious economic offences, launched a raid on Wheels of Africa in 1999. H

e was sought in connection with fraud relating to manipulation of import tariffs and siphoning company cash to himself and other fictitious import invoices. He established a macho operation with John Bredenkamp came and used our soldiers, our Zimbabwean soldiers in the DRC who never got anything in return. He was stopped from entering DRC and he was implicated in the death of the Hyundai owner.

In 2000 the DRC withdrew Billy Rautenbach’s mining concessions reportedly after he failed to pay over the state shares of the profit. In trouble with the authorities, he was deported in 2007. He is not welcome in all of these three countries DRC, South Africa and Botswana and now is in Zimbabwe and is believed to be untouchable.

He was PI in DRC and now asks help from this Government. He has never used any of the resources to generate business. Let us ask, how much has he put in Zimbabwe? It’s about time the journalists did the question. The amount of money Billy Rautenbach has invested in Zimbabwe. We are all keen to see the country taking off. We are keen to see investors bringing in their money. N

ot investors who use the country’s resources on speculation, then sell, then go set up a plant in Chisumbanje. Can you account for the transaction? Can you see the paper trail of where the money came from off shore? So I think it’s also important that the very same paper does move into understanding how much money Billy invested in Zimbabwe? Or it’s a question of the Zimbabwe resources that he speculates on then he uses that money to say he has got money.

That’s something we need to understand at the end of the day. Billy owns a company called Sabot he is no longer in control of it, it’s in the hands of foreigners as well. He grew up on a farm in Karoi where he beat up blacks and he was known for having done that. His name Nharo emanates from the fact that ‘ane nharo’ and anenge achirwisana nevanhu vatema nekuti anenharo. His car’s number plate is Nharo. So you must understand, nharo for what? So we will not be swayed in a white man.

We have asked the ministers who are black to account , what about a white man? And suddenly the thing called state media takes a position on a white man, quite shocking indeed! How does Zim Asset grow. So I thought it would be pretty clear.


Didymus Mutasa

Of late he owes Zinwa US$7million so how is the economy going to take off? He is making cash everyday on the mandatory fuel but cannot pay the Government. How much money has he put on to the fiscus with the all the resources he has been given? That is the question we must ask. How much is he contributing to the fiscus of this country? He has got Nuanetsi Ranch which is there. He has got 2000 sq km in Chiore.

He has got Chisumbanje over 30 000 hectares. As far as I am concerned he is the single largest land owner in this country and he is white. I thought our position was to take land from the whites and give it to the blacks. So where have we shifted in terms of policy as the Government?

That’s our role as oversight

In terms of the transactions which were there, it was meant they were done above board. At no point did I go to him. He was introduced to me. He was introduced to me, he looked for me and he saw the energy in me. He saw the proactivity in me and he decided to hire me as a consultant. I never went to him. He brought his entire management to my offices at Eastgate, so that I might meet them, and introduced me as a consultant at the end of the day.

Why then does he claim that I extorted him when he used his helicopter to land at my farm? Would you land on a farm of a person who is an extortionist? All the way from Harare you then land on my farm. So it’s very clear for us to understand some of the transactions that were there.

Yes its normal business practice to mind a share of the cake if you are involved there is nothing amiss about that. It has never been amiss. And since 2011 September we then withdrew the transactions on the basis that the minister of Presidential Affairs and State Security now Honourable Mutasa came to me and said Billy had approached him for us to settle this out of court.

The onus is up to you to go and ask the Honorable Minister, did Billy ask you to settle this out of court? Because as an Honourable Member of Parliament and also happens to be my uncle, I trusted that. Would you not trust your uncle? I then trusted my uncle. I decided that the matter must be settled out of court because he had gone and asked him to do that. Basil Nyabadza was there. I was the one who knew Billy, Basil Nyabadza never knew Billy.

Why was I on a flight from Harare to thing Arda? Certainly I was not on that flight as an attendant. It was a helicopter. A helicopter does not need a flight attendant. What was I doing? You can go and check the records at the airport, who left on that flight. So it’s good for him to answer, what was I doing on that flight? Yes as a director I had allowances that were given to me and yes I don’t come cheap. Sorry I don’t come cheap. I am not one of those who get satisfied by being given an envelope and then I go. I want a stake in the business, especially when it is a lucrative business.

I approached the Government and Honorable Savanhu was the chairman of Hwange. We wanted to do business with Hwange. What is wrong with approaching the chairman of the company? It was then left to the CEO to deal with it. Again that transaction did not come out the way it was supposed to come out. He had promised the Government and look into the agreement onthat transaction. The Herald must get a copy for me.

Now that they have got a good relationship with him. Can you tell the country what that transaction was about, I will tell you what it was about? He went to the Government and pledged, promised that he would increase power generation by supplying coking coal to the thermal power station.

At that point in time there was never any power generation improved in the country. As a result he exported coking coal out of the country so we need now the figures from the Herald how much of the coking coal he was mining went to the power station and how much of it was exported? Let’s deal with the thing facts so here is some of the things for the Herald to look into it now that they have got the information they can ask the minister of mines for that agreement. He never honoured that.

Secondly there was the aspect of Chisumbanje where Basil Nyabadza is involved unfortunately Basil has become an Uncle Tom. On the Save Conservancy he was busy fronting whites. Where there are whites are involved, he is there. He has no spine. He resigned as a provincial chairman of Zanu-PF to pursue the interests of whites in this country because Zanu-PF would certainly compromise. He is sort of Uncle Tom, a nice guy amongst whites.

Save Conservancy he was in the forefront, read. You are journalists why don’t you look into. He was in the fore front of defending whites again. Today he is in the forefront defending whites again. We are beyond a situation where we think whites are superior to blacks. It’s against the Government policy.

It’s against what we are advocating for at the end of the day. It’s about compliance. I am a Member of Parliament and it so happens that I know much about that transaction. So knowledge is power. So why don’t I get this knowledge to get the country moving forward. I am not the one who talked about the compliance 51/49 and when I ask in Parliament I am asking in my role as a Member of Parliament where there is oversight.

Prof Jonathan Moyo

Prof Jonathan Moyo

Yes you need parliamentarians who research, who have knowledge so that there are facts. So what is wrong with that? I separate issues. Let us separate issues. The aspect of compliance, he must comply because that is what the Government requires him to do. Government needs money.

There was four million litres which went missing the other day in Chisumbanje, why did the Herald not talk about that? It was taken out of this country. It was exported to another country. Then we had a problem, there was a bit of a panic. No wonder why Government switched over to get ethanol from Triangle. Did you not understand that? Why suddenly do they give a company mandatory monopoly.

But yet they now go to another company that produces ethanol and then supply ethanol. It’s because the country was going to be brought to a halt because four million was exported. so you cannot have such a strategic commodity controlled by any individual because he can easily wake up one day and say I am not going to give you fuel.

So this is why we are pushing for Government to be involved and unfortunately it’s taking longer than expected. And Billy claims to own the entire Government at the end of the day. No wonder why the ministers are dilly darling at the end of the day, but we will continuously ask them because it is important that the thing fiscus it does get money. So that Zim Asset does take off at the end of the day.

Yes it was shareholding

Hwange transaction was above board, it was based on commission on the tonnage that he would mine. On the tonnage he would mine and I would get a commission at the end of the day. On Unki I refused a commission, I then said I would need a shareholding, I was a 10 percent shareholding. And all these transactions happened in front of people, people of repute. And when I am sitting with national leaders and we agree I consider the deal signed and sealed, But yes we have a problem with politicians who are hungry who then circumvent you so that they can go through. It’s also normal business practice.

Whether its normal business practice I don’t know, but in Zimbabwe we would call it normal business practice, where you take somebody to a leader and the next thing that leader is circumventing you dealing with that. So there was an exchange of many brown envelopes and the time will come when we will name who received an envelope and who did not.

This was my sweat I worked for it and I told him that you might not pay me now but none of your business will prosper because my spirit and the God I pray would not allow you to prosper and that is all I said to him. Thereafter I have never spoken to him and you can see the problems in his enterprises today because he is not a genuine businessman. He is not honest, he is a crook, he is a crook and His Excellency is on record saying that can we vet every businessman who comes in the country. We seem to take crooks in, who destroy the country at the end of the day.

So I think we should be able to separate issues by all means. ENRC has taken over Carmec, they have taken over CARMEC, they have taken over Toddal. I can give you information you can Google it. It is there. It helps us to move forward. ENRC acquisition of central African mining exploration in December 2009. ENRC acquired 95.4 percent of the shares of the central African mining corporation and that included Zimbabwe and Billy what is his percentage at the end of the day in that? So I think this information is up for you to look into it and try to investigate and so forth.

I am aware of the shift. I am aware of the position I have taken as a legislator. I was elected by the people to stand for the people. I will never shy away from telling the truth. That is the reason why when I call for ministers to account equally I must also respond. I have got to be consistent. I cannot call for ministers to account when I am not also able to account. So I have come to you, as honest as I am, to also meet you to also account.

So I equally I hope that those who are also said to be involved will also call for a press conference and also account for the wealth which is something which we must not mince our words about , we must continue. Basil Nyabadza has benefited with a house in Mutare. Can you call him where he got that house from. His companies are not doing very well. Billy Rautenbach bought a house for him. No wonder why he has become a spokesperson for Billy. No wonder why when you talk about Green fuel, it is Basil Nyabadza.

Basil Nyabadza

Basil Nyabadza

You must tell him that the true shareholder in this business says that Billy bought you a house when you requested Temba Mliswa to talk to Billy about that and the house has been bought in Mutare.

Can you show the world where you got the money from? So let’s not have Uncle Toms talking what they are ah eh…… I come to you because I have got no skeletons in my wardrobe. If I do not come here there would be so much speculation. I am subject to being investigated to being asked and so forth. Issues of extortion.

Listen he has got a right to go and report to the Central Police Station that I did extort him and investigations must happen. I am not new to investigations, I am sure you are all aware of that. So why then talk about it in the press if it is of any national interest, report the matter to the police station and let the law take its course.

Equally I am also saying what happened to the Toddal Concession that was given to you to mine. He must answer if he does not answer then I will also to go to the police station and also put a report that there was a Todour concession given to Billy Rustenburg and he speculated it and it was fraud. Money never came into the country.

Where did it go we all must know? T here must be an investigation to the Chisumbanje Plant, one minute it is US$650 million the next minute it is US$400 million. The entire Zimplats Rolls Royce equipment never cost that much. Ladies and gentlemen can you honestly compare Chisumbanje to Zimplats? Come on, who are they trying to bluff? The days of bluffing Honourable Members of Parliament who had no information are long gone.

We have a mandate to say to this nation, we have a mandate to take this nation out of the hole that it is in and doing so requires us to be pretty clear. Finally I would challenge the thing Herald. I am not one who likes to sue, if I wanted to sue you newspapers I would be surely rich by now, but I would also give guidance to the Herald.

The Herald must prove that ‘’the letter shows that Mliswa withdrew after he approached Mr. Rautenbach seeking urgent financial help to cover another deal but assistance was premised on cessation of all demands on Rautenbach’’. The Herald must prove the cash I was given. Equally they have also produced information on the letters.

So where is the cash I was given? I think the journalists must report responsibly with facts and that small envelope you are given is not worth it at the end of the day. The corruption in the media is also getting out of hand and this article is nothing but a few people who have been paid. How can you call a scandal ah yes these are big deals. No wonder why it is $165 million dollars. It is the value of the transaction and I am not the one who is used so I wonder. How can it be a scandal? I told you the role that Mutasa played. In us wanting to go to Chisumbanje he is a leader in Manicaland, it is no secret. Munosvikaka kumusha kwababa moti tichada kupindawo ka ne investment iyi. I had applied for this but I did not have the money.

I then incorporated Billy, Billy was interested in Arda Sisi and I told him Arda Sisi is too small why don’t you go to Chisumbanje. So the relationship with Mutasa is him being a senior Government leader and the leader of Manicaland to say we are coming to invest. Savanhu was him being a board chairperson of Hwange, Nyabadza was being a board chairman of Arda.

So when you are dealing with Arda transaction and you have access to the board chairman you go and tell him so that he understands your vision. There is nothing sinister about that at all. And since 2009 I have not demanded any money from him at all and for him to say extortion we never met to then deal with this matter out of court but I have said then listen it is now in the hands of the Lord and what I know his businesses will not prosper because he is not honest. Ladies and gentlemen let us really understand who Billy Rautenbach is.

Let’s not be excited by these brown envelopes we get to just make you pay rent in a month and fuel to just get you home. I think if we are to really get to help this country let’s deal with serious issues. Let the headline read, “Rautenbach fails to justify why he failed to mine’’ because that is a country resource worth billions. That concession 30 percent of Anglo-American is said to be worth four billion. That is the issue we must talk about.

So I think I would like to guide Takunda Maodza that it’s important that we deal with facts that we deal with issues that…. Billy has got into Parliament and already has corrupted some Members of Parliament.

Biti and Tsvangirai in a marriage of inconvenience

THE troubled MDC-T recently claimed that the party has closed ranks, as the party in now focusing on rebuilding in preparation of the 2018 harmonised elections.

After almost a month of internal squabbles which was torched by the suspension of the party deputy treasury general, Elton Mangoma I was still waiting to see how the battle was going to end.

The party sympthisers, of which am not one of them are happy about the development which they believe is going to defeat team Zanu-PF come 2018 elections.

However, some political pundits, like me, wonder what could have changed for Biti and Tsvangirai to be singing form the hymn book. At first the reason why Biti and Tsvangirai became enemies or rivals is because of the suspension of Mangoma.

Tsvangirai should stay: MDC-T chairman, Lovemore Moyo and party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai should stay: MDC-T chairman, Lovemore Moyo and party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Biti categorically told journalists at his press conference that the suspension of Mangoma was null void. Mangoma is still suspended hence nothing has changed as far as Biti’s position regarding the suspension as a non event.

The pundit can therefore ask, after Biti joined hands or forces with Tsvangirai, is Mangoma’s suspension now a justified move?

It is understood that Biti and Mangoma including most whites want Tsvangirai to step down as the party leader. The camp is believed to be led by Biti.

The camp, which Biti is said to be leading is said to be financial powerful, as it has some faces that can get money from donors. Some of these individuals are the former Treasurer General, Roy Bennet. Bennet was the first white person in the party to call for resignation of Tsvangirai citing poor leadership qualities as the reason why the party lost dismally in the 31 July elections.

The so called unity that said to be in place in the party is a smoke screen and what Professor Welshman Ncube called a marriage of inconvenience. During the run up of the 2013 elections, Tsvangirai tried to court Prof Ncube through forming a grand coalition which Prof Ncube said was a “marriage of inconvenience.”

What Biti and Tsvangirai did is a true picture of what a “marriage of inconvenience” is like.

I guess Biti decided to close ranks so that he can defend his party position in the party congress that is going to take place in Decem

Against Tsvangirai: Roy Bennet, Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma

Against Tsvangirai: Roy Bennet, Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma

ber. It is said that Nelson Chamisa the party organising secretary is eye the post and hence Biti might be afraid that if he continues to be radical, Tsvangirai’s blue eyed boys can plot his downfall.


At the moment, there is no logic on what made Tsvangirai and Biti to close ranks . Of all the issues that Biti was clamoring about, none of them have been resolved. So it bangs the mind to ask what is that made Biti “rejoin” some of his members.

Surely, this is a mere marriage of inconvenience.

People must elect responsible MPs

THE post election period, as is the case now, calls for evaluation.

Evaluation will be for politicians and the entire electoral process to see where the country could have gone wrong n and what needs to be done to improve or keep the process.

For the past elections, I would like to look at members of parliament and how they been working since their appointment.

The parliament is largely dominated by Zanu-PF who resounding won the 31 July harmonised election. However, the new crop of parliamentarians is dominated by people who do not deserve to be in the house.

Zimbabwe MPs in parliament

Zimbabwe MPs in parliament

Members of parliament represent people and by so doing people’s issues will be solved in august house. What then become disturbing is that people who are tasked to be the constituency spokesperson end up becoming mum and fail to air a single word.

Recently, it was reported that most of MPs from Matabeleland are not participating in debates taking place in parliament. It is then shocking and worrying because people are pinning their hopes on them as they are their representatives.

One then wonders the purpose of them being our representatives when they just enjoy getting their sitting allowance of $75 and a free fuel. People should be responsible and elect MPs on merit not through political line or party basis.

I always the admire the late Edson Dvobgo for the great work he did for the of Masvingo. He did a sterling job where development was visible and now people talk about Masvingo netara meaning that there is tarred road in Masvingo a development many provinces are admiring.

Zimbabwe Provinces

Zimbabwe Provinces

Unfortunately, for Matabeleland we have people who are after ego and nothing more. Most of these elected individuals are too poor and truly as poor as a church mouse hence what should we expect from them. Expecting anything tangible from these MPs is akin to expecting a honey from a fly.

People should therefore elect capable Members of parliament. There is also a room from them to recall their representative if they fill is not doing his duties properly.

Sadly, this crop of leadership is full of people who got the political ticket to enrich themselves. The evidence is crystal clear.  It is unclear how funds under the Constituency Developmental Fund (CDF) were used and at the moment we have not seen any parliamentarian who used those funds productively. most of the MPs who regained their walked away with free of charged after abusing funds.


Sithembile Mlotshwa

Former Matobo Senator: Sithembile Mlotshwa

At one time Ms Tabitha Khumalo, MDC-T MP for Bulawayo East called for legalisation of prostitution, which is taboo in the Zimbabwean culture.  Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa (Matopo), called on scientists to develop a chemical to dull men’s libido and enable them to have sex once a month, purportedly to help curb the spread of HIV and Aids.

People should therefore elect capable MPs not mere political passengers.


Cabinet reshuffle needed

TIME is  flying away and people are still hoping to see the government fulfilling its promises it made during campaigns.

But, hopes are slowly fading.

The Cabinet announced by President Mugabe in August has left people with more questions than answers. Despite the cabinet being dominated by dead wood, many thought it (cabinet) was going to use its experience to improve the situation in the country.

Without taking sides, there are some ministers who are doing sterling a job and these include Professor Jonathan Moyo and the ever green, Engineer Walter Mzembi.  These ministers have been a good job which is  far above their fellow cabinet ministers.

However, some of the cabinet ministers are just enjoying the tax payer’s money, as they are failing to carry the mandate given to them first by citizens and lastly by President Mugabe.

During the inclusive government era, Saviour Kasukuwere was very vocal when he was then heading the ministry of indigenous. To my surprise, he has gone to the harbor and many could think he lost the primary election just like the former Copac Chairperson, Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana.

He is lost: Minister Saviour Kasukuwere

He is lost: Minister Saviour Kasukuwere

His silence has exposed him and this therefore shows that his former ministry was run in the media if not by the media. It is surprising to find out that the person who once called himself Hilter has failed to convince Zimbabwean that he can deal with climate change.

During his days, the paper could not be published without anything by and from Kasukuwere, as he was hyper active. One then wonders where that energy is. Truly, Kasukuwere is to be lost and he has failed to be the Savior!

The fall of Kasukuwere from here to zero is not a surprise as it seems this is the characteristic of some members from Zanu-PF. Within the cabinet again, there is a minister whom I doubt knows what kilowatts are.

Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire too seems to be clueless on what his ministry is all about. Ever since assuming power Mavhaire has made some suicidal decisions.

While the country is still hoping that the energy crisis will be resolved, in fact Mavhaire is the one who needs energy. What I am suggesting is that he was unfit for the appointment and did not have the ability to do the job.

Should leave the post: Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Should leave the post: Energy Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Seven months after being appointed to the ministerial position, the pint-sized politician has reversed a number of decisions and made several controversial pronouncements. Soon after his appointment, Mavhaire reversed a decision to dismantle ZESA Holdings into several units, despite the fact that President Mugabe had just signed relevant statutory instruments to give effect to the process.

There are so many mistakes which the self proclaimed King of Masvingo has done. Blaming him alone cannot be fair because it seems the dead wood which President Mugabe recycled is just enjoying its last days in power and due to their age, nature might  take its corse.

The Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa however tops the list of worst cabinet ministers at the moment.

Given this blunders and failures by Ministers to do their job, it’s high time  the Cabinet is reshuffled.  Those who have failed must be relieved of their duties and pave way for other who will be strong enough to develop the country.


WHERE are we heading to? What is going on? Why should we continue to suffer? These are some of the questions people might be asking concerning the state of economy in the country.

During the inclusive government, the economy was slowly growing and the people are not wondering much as they are now. What is disturbing is that those who are in power also seem to be arrogant and clueless and I wonder where we are heading to.

Sleeping on duty: President Mugabe

Sleeping on duty: President Mugabe

The MDC can now be vindicated because it highlighted that the turnaround in the economy was due to their presence in the government.

During the inclusive government, despite having failed to score many points due to some blunders, the economy was at least showing signs of improvement.

What then boggles the mind is what is that Zanu-PF is going to do to serve the economy which is nose diving? Where are they going to get money to rebrand Zimbabwe? Perhaps we must be patient, but the truth is that people are now becoming inpatient.

The problem I think is that, we have set a bad precedence by giving lawyers room to run the economy. Who said the minister of finance should be lawyers. Why can’t give economy to economics and let them do what they know is best. The important matter now is that Mugabe must reshuffle his cabinet and give some who know how to steer the economy. There are many people who can better fill the Finance Minister’s post. Technocrats will also be useful.

Listen to Tkozani Khupe and the state of the economy in Zimbabwe

People including myself, have lost faith in the way Chinamasa is handling the economy. We do not want the I don’t care attitude because people are the one who are suffering not. He is enjoying the luxury of a Range Rover and pocketing thousand of dollar yet the majority is earning money which is below the poverty datum line.

Finance Minister:  Patrick Chinamasa

Finance Minister: Patrick Chinamasa

With the way the situation is on the ground, I now support those who said Zanu-PF on their own cannot do something meaningful.

The make matters worse, the President has remained mum and shockingly indicate that civil servants will get back dated pay in April. Zanu-PF must admit that they have to fulfill the promises they made during the 31 July election campaigns.

The current state of the economy has also exposed Zanu-PF. This has shown that the party can no longer be trusted and they should not be given another mandate to lead the country.

Gone are the days of Team Zanu-PF, Ibhola egedini, Bhora mugedi. I am one of those who are still waiting to see Ibhola egedini, it seems the party is scoring own goals.

For how long shall we continue to seethe and yearn for a better Zimbabwe? Zanu-PF should at least consider that citizens are truly suffering, already millions are outside the country trying to make a leaving. They say home is always the best but with the way things are, the opposite is true.

The sinking economy

EIGHT months after the watershed elections in July, the economy has not shown any signs of recovery.

After President Mugabe romped to victory with more than 60 percent of the votes, citizens were left speechless, as they wondered what his party, Zanu-PF were going to do, given the fact the for the past years, his party in the best used to pass policies which were not investor friendly.

 President Robert Mugabe (R) is sworn in by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku during his inauguration at the National Sports  Stadium in August last year.

President Robert Mugabe (R) is sworn in by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku during his inauguration at the National Sports
Stadium in August last year.

Opposition parties still hold the view that Mugabe rigged an election, a chorus which these opposition parties have been singing for the past years. However, I cannot dispute their view as they might have the evidence to buttress their stand point.

Some citizens were hoping for change and they believed jobs, development and many other things were going to be improved by the new cabinet. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for some, Mugabe won resoundingly leaving Tsvangirai astounded and his heart bleeding.

Soon after elections, the opposition parties vowed that Mugabe was not going to improve the economy, instead people are going to suffer. They believed that, Zanu-PF is clueless on how they can develop the economy.

As much as the opposition and many people who share the view with them that the Zanu-PF government is going to fail to steer up the economy were called labelled “losers” and “jealousy”, I believe they have a point.

Their argument is valid, the economy is not showing any signs of recovery. As the sun rises, people are just hoping for a change. We are now a country living on hope and if God was a human being like us, he should have been tired of listening to our daily problems.

Fomer Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Thokozani Khupe.

Former Deputy Prime Minister: Ms Thokozani Khupe.

I remember one when I interviewed the former Deputy Prime Minister, Ms Thokozani Khupe, soon after elections she bitterly said “Zanu-PF can rig and election but they will not rig the economy.”

At first I thought she said so,as she was still bitter because her party an election and all she had to do was to defend her party by claiming that elections were rigged.

Without talking about rigging of elections which I do not even care talking about because it’s now water under the bridge. Concerning the economy, Ms Khupe pressed the correct button. The government is failing to put its house in order. The budget was a mere formality and instead of dealing with pressing issues, Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa, presented policies.

during the 31 July campaigns, the party promised people that when voted into power, it is going to lead people to Canaan. Many believed them,  perhaps that is the reason why they won because their promises looked and sounded real. The real has now proved to be more like a fallacy.

The government has however tried to provide people with all sorts of diversion so that the state of the economy can not be seen as an important issue affecting people at the moment. Recently the salary gate took all our energy and anger yet real issue, Yes the real issue not a myth! The economy is not promising any chance of improving.

Zanu-PF should therefore begin fulfilling their promise. For how long shall we cry for employment? for how long shall we cry for better salaries?