Zimbabwe’s new dictactor

AFTER the media directed our attention to the salary scandals that rocked the country for the past month(s), one was asking what will be the next spectacle. Or what will be the next diversion tactics?

It was not so long when the family housed at 44 Harvest House Nelson Mandela Avenue & Angwa Street in Harare grabbed our attention. That is the home, headquarters, of the biggest opposition political party in the country, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) led by the former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai “soiled” itself by sacrificing its troubles to the thirst, hungry news vampire- the media.

No more friendship. MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai (right) party Secretary General, Tendai Biti

No more friendship. MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai (right), party Secretary General, Tendai Biti

The party claims to be democratic but recent developments in the party showed that indeed the meaning of the word democracy is open for many interpretations -polysemic. But I guess it is only Tsvangirai and his blue eyes boys who do not understand the meaning of the word democracy.

It boggles the mind to find out that some within the institution which claims to be democratic is suspended for airing his views. Why is Elton Mangoma suspended? Didn’t Bennet pass the same message, what about Eddie Cross, why they didn’t suspend Kay?

BEATEN. Elton Mangoma, MDC-T deputy treasury general.

BEATEN. Elton Mangoma, MDC-T deputy treasury general.

Besides that, what is it that Tsvangirai wants to do for the following two years when he is already tearing the party apart? Truly, Mangoma was well spotted after such a defeat, the party had to start afresh with new ideas and work in harmony, waiting for 2016 is very suicidal because what will they achieve within two years to run up of the elections in 2018 to regaining their lost popularity.

It is crystal clear that Tsvangirai wants to stand again as the MDC-T candidate in 2018 where when things move the way they are at the moment he is going face more embarrassment, as the 2013 elections were just a “teaser.”What guts do Tsvangirai have to call Mugabe a dictator and power hungry when he too cannot listen to voices of those opposing him?

Thank God Tsvangirai lost the 2013 presidential election, whether they were rigged or it was a free and fair, this man was going to be a disaster. Certainly, he was going stay in power and we were going to have another long serving president, perhaps he was going to amend the constitution for a one party state.

Professor Welshman  Ncube has been telling people that Tsvangirai is violent but some thought it was a political talk but with the recent skirmishes, Prof Ncube is vindicated.

Surely, the MDC-T must decisively deal with violence if they want to be voted into power. A normal person not can vote for someone who is violent into power because that person might use the armed forced to gun him down. Opposition parties must challenge the sitting Government, but how are they going to challenge them when their housed is on fire.

Tsvangirai must humble himself and pass the button and serve his legacy while it still exists otherwise he will too be one of the worst dictators in the World.

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